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12 Stepping Stones 2019 — the Planets as a Radical Evolutionary Path

12 Stepping Stones 2019 — the Planets as a Radical Evolutionary Path

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7 Week TeleSeries w/ Ellias Lonsdale
Dates Recorded: May 16, 23, 30 & June 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2019

Each of the planets is a stepping stone to soul recovery, soul remembrance, soul growth, and alignment with the streams of destiny. The 12 Stepping Stones is a pattern of rebirth to land us within the New Earth. Planetary codes have changed and the new ones bring great revelations for all of us. As we approach 2020 nothing remains the same, especially the planets.

Go behind the scenes with the planets. Part the curtain of stereotypes, reach behind the personality and see what’s really there. It is here that astrology comes off the page. It is the moment to get down to radical transformation with the evolving planets. Step upon each stone and feel your way into the Earth and into the deepest recesses of your life. Truly meet your oneness, your wholeness. Let the planets show you how. Join us for this adventure with the stars.

Original Schedule & Classes
Class 1: Introduction and Sun
Class 2: Moon and Mercury
Class 3: Mars and Venus
Class 4: Alpha Omega, Planets beyond Pluto, the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter
Class 5: Saturn and Uranus
Class 6: Neptune and Pluto
Class 7: Moon Nodes and Conclusion


Stepping Stone One—Sun as Elixir.
Radiate the solar essence we are born with, but have forgotten. The inside beam of liquid yellow light has a lot to show us now. Drink in the capacity to be present to ourselves and to our world. Feel the Sun in the heart and remain on fire with the passion that comes when we are centered in authentic self.

Stepping Stone Two—Moon as Chalice.
Ground into sacred self-awareness that continually fluctuates and which is also steady in tune to find our way while losing our way time after time. Find the once-missing aspects and fragments. Recover remembrance and vision. What makes all the difference in this moon code is to yield into what arises in the field from a place of trust and faith in the process reclaimed.

Stepping Stone 3—Mercury as Intonement.
Gain leverage in life situations that make us aware of what we are getting into in our immediate circle of life. Many modes of intelligence guide us through. The surface kind with brainy intellect cleverly skims the surface and impresses onlookers. Learn the subtler kind that walks our talk by staying with gut instinct of what is real, genuinely mutual, reciprocal, and community building.

Stepping Stone 4—Mars as Being and Becoming.
Pierce the veil of what seems to be happening at ground level by understanding the primal force of desire, will, and enthusiastic display of prowess that now needs to be exerted. The distorted version is self-absorbed, and only wishes to get on with it starkly, forcefully, egotistically, and self-mesmerized. The call is to be who we are and become the greatest potential inside the situation at hand. Mars here is an agent that strengthens and empowers us.

Stepping Stone 5—Venus as Heart Star.
Feel and sense and know that we are lovingly held by Venus and learn who we can really be in this embrace. Partake in the fruits of the vine. Cultivate, foster and enhance the flow of creative juices, spreading it like wildfire. Appreciate what we carry inside on an intimate level. Experience the magical quality inside the Heart Star that fuels our wonder and imaginative range. Discover the star of true selfhood reclaimed.

Stepping Stone 6—Alpha Omega, Planets beyond Pluto, and the Asteroid Belt as Copresencing.
Turn toward these precision planetary bodies that are gateways into faculties that have been lost and recover our missing selves and missing worlds in a regenerative fashion. Alpha-Omega or Chiron gently and solidly restores our remembrance of the original Earth impulse and enkindles vision of what every future calls us toward. Other planets beyond Pluto will bring us into time travel as well. The 4 main asteroids center us in embodiment. Vesta fashions our homing instinct that can craft the attitude and earth-wise stance we need for the task. Juno figures out a strategy for making this world work by eliminating what we do not need. Ceres searches for our true calling and paves each step along the way. Pallas reaches deep to find what we have forgotten, neglected, and denied. Stepping

Stone 7—Jupiter as Opening Spark.
Sharpen your consciousness to open the way ahead to what is progressive and evolutionary. The opening spark shows you how to make sure it is happening. Enjoy, appreciate and share the bounty of life with Jupiter. Here we find the best life has to offer. Be drawn to take our greatest abilities into enhancing the life flame and the brilliance of new creations. This essence taps divine overflow.

Stepping Stone 8—Saturn as Everlasting Dynamic.
Anchor into purpose one pointedly. Complete the intended pattern behind what seems apparent by thinning the veil sufficiently. Finish what we have begun with a karmic touch. Begin to explore what our mortality springs us into when death is integral to life and fear and doubt are supplanted by steady and serene life wisdom ensouled. The supreme attainment is to encompass life and death along the threshold.

Stepping Stone 9—Uranus as Light Wave.
Rise once again into the light and learn its ways to restore that which we lost in our yield to obey tribal law. For it is to stake a claim to a potential in us for full awakening. Here we can suddenly and dramatically come upon proof that there is so much more to this life. We adventure into the wild blue yonder and transmute exile into oneness.

Stepping Stone 10—Neptune as Harmonic Communion.
Spread your wings into every corner of this life and become sensitized to the celestial navigator. Restore sacred sensibility. Harmonic Communion allows us to rally our spirit and the spirit of everybody here together. This is a dimension easily distorted and confused when we grab at it with a sensationalistic lunge into fascination. The real thing takes our breath away.

Stepping Stone 11—Pluto as Winged Prophecy.
Crack through to the other side and be among the first to test ourselves in what is still collectively taboo. It is to risk all that we have in order to make our way into unknown places. Keys to the living future. Here we send a wild aspect of self beyond self into the far places in order to fuse with what will arise when limitation gives way to freedom.

Stepping Stone 12—Moon Nodes and Earth as Home Embracing.
Submerge in everywhere and everything we have previously gotten snagged and recapitulate the inner most path and become its carrier. It can be where we squeeze out of the tube into the most vital of all seed sparks burning bright.


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