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The Degree Frequencies – Intensive Study 2 - TRANSCRIPTS

The Degree Frequencies – Intensive Study 2 - TRANSCRIPTS

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3 TRANSCRIPTS The Degree Frequencies — Intensive Part 2

Recording Dates: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, September 7, 8 & 9, 2021

Understanding the Frequencies

There are 30 degree frequencies that have existed since the beginning of time. These are the keys to open the treasure of soul, to connect to spirit, to know the self, and to align and flow with the blueprint of our destiny, personally and collectively. Each of the 360 zodiac degrees travel through the frequencies, telling a story, shifting energies, waking us up to the timing of our lives, and leading us to dive to the inside where life is percolating and waiting for each of us to fully enter. They are mystical, magical, healing, and long for us to understand their language so that we may evolve and find the courage to shed the old layers of dross and build up that no longer work on the threshold of Aquaria.  

Purpose of the Class

In the 3 Part Series on the 30 degree frequencies our intent is to educate and illumine, call forth and awaken the dormant faculty for star aliveness and communion. These classes will pave the way to get in touch with how to expressively embody what the stars portend and reveal through both the degree frequencies and the Chandra Symbols which are versions of how each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac can be approached to bring us into the fullness and connectivity to all of life. In truth, the Chandra Symbols are living, breathing oracles here to hold our hands and usher us into the multidimensionality of life on Earth. We will venture on journeys to make sure each one is actively alive, breaks us through into the living future, and helps us come to grips with the karmic past. 

We are reaching out to gather souls who are ready and willing to move beyond belief systems and comfort zones so that truth can crack through, disperse, and heal what plagues us the most. We are convinced that what allows this transformation is entering into a state stripped of the undertow of egoic persuasion and embedded conditioning. The degree frequencies are a grounded and expansive path to shift us and shift this world accordingly. 

Part 1 - opened the gates to tap the soul in her star language revealing the mystery that we embody and bringing an ultimate level of deep inner communion and awareness to those who sat in this space with us. A call went out to summon those who felt ready to breakthrough into a greater consciousness and evolutionary impulse. We gathered, dove down under, and swam in the current of the stars, leaving each of us forever changed in these tides.  

Part 2 - will continue the journey to uncover and unearth what’s been hidden and tucked away for just this time. Part 2 will unfold in an even greater intensity. The stars are infused with a timing, that if tapped, can help us release the chains of old and land us upon a sparkling new shore where life can truly begin as we have yet to know it.  

Ellias Lonsdale

Lonsdale’s degree frequency work is reflective of half a century of readings and classes, writings and research, and intensive study and ultimate devotion to star work. He has spent decades excavating his ancient life with the stars, pulling it forward and harnessing what has been lost and merging it into a new star language taught to him by the stars. The degree frequency work he has cultivated has not been done before as it overrides mental systems and structures and goes beyond the known and taps the soul. His degree frequency work is part of his legacy and contribution, and he offers it all now.  

Class Format

We will be teaching the 30-degree frequencies in a 3 Part Series, with each series being 3 consecutive nights. There will be a 3-night series in May (already completed), September, and November. In each series we will explore 10 degree frequencies. With each frequency we will explore 4 signs of the zodiac based on the Chandra Symbols. So, each 3-night series will offer 10 degrees and 40 Chandra Symbols to demonstrate those degrees. Ellias will be working with the Chandra Symbols in an oracular, intuitive fashion, letting the present moment speak.

These classes are a bridge into Aquaria and an access point into the vastness of our human nature in alignment with the soul. The degree frequencies bypass the little mind and get right at the core essence of who we are and what we are doing here. The veil lifts, the scales of the Age of Pisces fall from the eyes, and vision and purpose are brought forth in a liberating light. The degree frequencies are ancient and future wisdom of where we come from and where we are headed. All we must do is allow them to work their mysterious magic.

These classes will be:

A journey to bring us alive in places we have been in deep sleep.

A lens for our inner vision to pierce through and connect us to our lost treasures.

An antidote to the stuck, fear-based, and outdated waters we can no longer afford to drink.

A breakthrough into sparkling presence.

Our escort across the threshold of Aquaria.


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